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What are the two operations-based orders?

- Cyber Tasking Order (CTO)
- Cyber Control Order (CCO)


What is published daily by the 624thOC to define network operation tasks for AF/Joint requirements and is typically used for offensive cyber or counter cyber attacks?

CTO (Cyber Tasking Order)


What type of order is 624thOC directed documentation of permanent modifications, updates, and retrofits? This is also used to combat the most urgent network vulnerabilities. (Typically when they are being actively exploited)

CCO (Cyber Control Order)


What type of order is used for configuration updates, AFIN baseline updates, and mitigation of known vulnerabilities not being actively exploited?

MTO (Maintenance Tasking Order)


What order is used for downward-directed patching operations for vulnerabilities identified by USCYBERCOM through the IAVM program?

TCNO (Time Compliance Network Order)


What order contains mandatory, step-by-step instructions issued in name of the Air Force Chief of Staff and by order of the Secretary of the AF?

TO (Technical Order)


What order is PMO developed and distributed to direct permanent modifications? Acknowledgement and confirmation are required.

TCTO (Time Compliance Technical Order)


What contains informational communication from 24AF regarding outages or AFIN changes. Does not require action or acknowledgement.

NOTAM (Notice To All Airmen)