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Why is aftercare important to a service or treatment?

aftercare important so you can get the most out of your treatment/service and not have any consequences post treatment or service.


What are 3 items you can use during your service to promote longevity?

setting spray, using a blotting or setting powder and a liquid lipstick.


What are some tips you would suggest to your client to prevent premature makeup fading?

avoid touching their face, avoid going swimming or into saunas and steam rooms, avoid going on the sunbeds or for UV treatments, take any powders or lipstick you may for top ups with you.


How would you recommend your client to remove strip lashes after a service or treatment?

gently remove from outer corner to inner without pulling or use an oil base remover to break down the adhesive.


Why should you remove your makeup thoroughly at the end of the day/event?

to prevent clogging up your pores causing breakout/blackhead and to avoid irritation to the eyes and skin.