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After the assassination

Immediate negotiations between assassins and both Lepidus and Antony
Caesar's acts ratified, and immunity granted to the assassins


Developments over 44 bc

Assassins fled, Antony in command
Octavian (adopted son) gathered an army and arrived in Rome and most likely looted state money
Gradual falling out between Octavian and Antony


Cicero vs. Antony

Attacks Antony in 14 speeches
Attempts to convince the senate to declare him hostes, which he manages to do
Attacks attempts to negotiate with Antony


43 bc Battle of Mutina

Antony marches on D.Brutus to seize Cisalpine Gaul
Consuls march to fight him
Antony is defeated, Octavian forces Brutus to flee
Octavian marches on Rome, demands and receives consulship


The second triumvirate

Octavian meets Antony and Lepidus at Bologna where it is formed.
5 year position
Meant for restoring the constitution of the republic
Lex titia 43 bc formalised it
Could make laws without referencing senate or the people


Separation of provinces

Lepidus - Spain and Gallia Norbonensis
Antony - Gallia Cisalpina and Gallia
Octavian - Africa, Sardinia and Sicily


Why proscribe?

60 legions to pay for
Needed cash and land
Also handed 18 rich Italians cities over to the army


Meanwhile in the east...

Brutus and Cassius successfully take over Syria, Greece and Macedonia
Rendezvoused at Smyrna in Asia Minor, then delayed marching to Greece to attack Rhodes
42 bc - they march back to Macedonia