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What is advance care planning?

Advance care planning is about having the conversation, completing the documents, advocating for others


What is illness trajectory?

Illness-subjective perception by a patient of an objectively defined disease

Trajectory- the path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time

Illness trajectory- course of a patients experience of a disease through a given period of time


What are the types advance directives? (3)

Living will-states what you do and dont want for medical tx at the end of life, general instructions for FUTURE treatment

Durable healthcare power of attorney (DPOA)-documents WHO makes the medical decisions about your healthcare. This person is authorized to speak only if you can't. Appoints decision maker

Provider order for life sustaining treatment (POLST)- this is a medical order that can be signed by the decision maker, serves as a DNR order. These are orders for CURRENT treatment and are changeable.

They document healthcare decisions!


What is PIE?

Person in their environment

...I'm not exactly sure how to apply this, but one of the "talking points" was to remember this.


Are lawyers needed for health care power of attorney documents? Do they expire?

-But not all documents are legally valid in every state, and sometimes a notary may be required.

Does not expire and can be updated as needed