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Schizotypal Personality D/O

pervasive deficits in interpersonal relationships; acute discomfort with, and reduced capacity for close relationships, eccentricities in cognition, perception and behavior.


Separation Anxiety D/O

involves developmentally inappropriate, excessive anxiety related to separation from home or attachment figures. Often manifested at school.


Sex Therapy

most effective for premature ejaculation; uses sensate focus; start stop and squeeze techniques.


Social Phobia

persistent fear of social or performance situations that may cause embarrassment or humiliation as the result of scrutiny or evaluation by others. Common: public speaking, attending parties, and speaking to authority figures.


Somatization D/O

recurrent multiple somatic complaints that begin prior to age 30 and persist for several years and for which medical attention has been sought to no avail. Complaints must include at least 4 pain Sxs, 2 gastrointestinal, 1 sexual and 1 pseudo-neurological Sx.


Somatoform D/O NOS

Has Sxs that do not meet criteria for specific Somatization d//o; believes she is pregnant, has physical Sxs of being pregnant, but is not pregnant.


Specific Phobia

persistent fear of an object or situation other than described by Agoraphobia or Social Phobia. In adults the fear is unreasonable or excessive. The Blood-Injection-Injury type differs from other types in terms of the physical reaction to stimuli (increase in heart rate and blood pressure that is immediately followed by a drop in both, and as a consequence, fainting. People with other social phobias only see the increase, not the drop.


Suicide Risk Factors

High Risk associated with previous attempts, a plan (especially one involving deadly weapon); male gender; being divorced, separate or feelings of hopelessness. For most age range, rates are highest for Whites with exception of native american adolescents and young adults. Highest risk associated with MDD. Attempters vs completers tend to be women under 35


Tourette's D/O

Tic D/O characterized by at least 1 vocal tic and multiple motor tics. Linked to abnormal levels of dopamine. Most common co-morbid features are obsessions and compulsions.



involuntary spasms of the perineal muscles surrounding the outer third of the vagina that interfere with intercourse. Onset is usually preceded by exposure to sexual trauma.


Vascular Dementia

caused by arteriosclerosis or other cerebrovascular disease. The course is step-wise and fluctuating and the pattern of Sxs is "Patchy"


Polythetic Criteria Sets

are useful for recognizing the heterogeneity of Sxs for a particular Dx


Persistent Depressive D/O

must have Sxs for: Adults > 1 year Kids > 6 months