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Estate Satire: The Three Estates

1st Estate: Clergy "Those who pray"
2nd Estate: Nobility/Aristocracy "Those who rule"
3rd Estate: Commoners "Those who work"

Unofficial 4th Estate: Women


Galen's Humours

- Phlegm - slothful
- Black bile - despair & melancholy
- Blood - gluttony
- Yellow bile - anger & choler


Views on women

- The second sex (daughters of Eve)
- Tricky, troublesome, the cause of man's downfall
- A woman became a man's property on marriage


Women's areas of power and influence

- The Church (nunneries)
- Trade skills - Weaving. Weavers were part of the greatest industry in the land. Skilled workers were valued.


Eve vs. Mary

- Daughter of Eve: The weaver, a fallen woman, symbol is a distaff, lustful.
- Mary: Protector of man, innocence, purity, the Virgin.


The Peasants' Revolt 1381

Complaints against the oppressive lower of the old landlords, especially the Church.


7 Deadly Sins

Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth