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The physical appearance of our employees is one of the first and lasting impressions our customers have of BSOFR. Conservative grooming ...

projects the image of an alert, professional and responsive agency that takes pride in its work.


All uniformed personnel are individually responsible for...

Wearing the uniform in a manner consistent with the guideline and ensuring all uniform articles are in good condition and appearance.


All Company Officers and Battalion Chiefs are responsible for...

ensuring compliance and enforcement with the uniform guideline and ensuring that worn or damaged articles are surveyed and replaced in a timely manner.


Worn or damaged articles...

may be replaced at the discretion of the command level officer. Any item can be ordered through the on-line E-Store and the request is routed through the appropriate District Chief for approval.


The Parade Dress Uniform shall be worn...

at the direction of the Fire Chief.


The Parade Dress Uniform shall consist of the following:

* Department issued bell crown cap with appropriate hat insignia
* Department issued dress coat with department issued badge and lapel pins
- Award pins will be worn at the discretion of the Fire Chief dependent upon the event.
* Department issued uniform dress pant (navy blue polyester pant)
* Department issued white long sleeve uniform shirt with department approved shoulder patch, collar brass, badge, name plate, American Flag pin and approved ribbons/bars
* Department issued black tie
* Department approved black patent leather belt
* Department issued black patent leather uniform shoes.


If and undershirt is worn with the Parade Dress Uniform, or Class A uniform, it will be...

A white short sleeve undershirt with no markings. Marked department logo t-shirts will not be worn under the Parade Dress uniform.


Class A uniform shall consist of...

* Long sleeve uniform shirt with department shoulder patch, collar brass, badge, name plate, American Flag pin, and approved ribbons/ bars
* Navy blue polyester pant
* Black tie
* Tie tack/ pin
* Black patent leather belt
* Black patent leather shoes.


The white long sleeve shirt shall at no time be worn ____

without a tie, or with BDU type pants


Command staff shall wear Class A uniforms when attending...

* command staff meetings
* any public event
* any meeting with the sheriff in attendance
- Exceptions must be approved by the Fire Chief.
- Class C uniforms may be worn when the planned activities do not require Class A uniform.


Class B uniforms consist of...

* White short sleeve button down uniform shirt with department shoulder patches
* Collar brass
* Badge name plate
* American Flag pin and approved ribbon/ bars
* Black belt
* BDU pants
* Station boots


Class B uniforms shall be worn when...

* Assigned to light duty
* Attending civic and public education events unless authorized by respective BC.


Command staff standard daily uniform

* Whits short sleeve uniform shirt with department shoulder patch
* Collar brass
* badge
* Name plate
* American flag pin
* Approved ribbon/ bars


Fire Prevention uniform

* Polo shirt
* BDU pants
* Belt
* Patent leather shoes, or station boots


Class C Uniform are worn...

As the standard daily uniform for shift operations


Long sleeve shirts will not be worn ____ short sleeve class C uniforms.



Class C uniforms consist of...

* Polo shirt
* Black Belt
* BDU pants
* Station boots


Command staff must display ___ when authorized to wear Class C uniforms.



Training Officers are authorized to wear ____ during training

Red short or long sleeve t-shirt.


The Class D uniform/ jumpsuit is approved for regular use ____

20:00 hours, or when a member is actively involved in department approved training or exercise.


Crew members must ____ outside of the fire station.

Be dress alike


Class E uniform

Exercise uniform
* for use after 21:00 hours, within the fire station, and for exercising, training, and service testing
* consists of t-shirt, and exercise shorts


Any uniform or any part of any uniform shall not be worn off duty except for ____

Department issued baseball caps.


When will it be permissible to wear the uniform or parts of the uniform off duty?

Going to or returning from work, and going to breakfast after work or other de minimus errands. All other instances must be approved by the fire chief.


How many department issued award pins and CFAI pins may be worn above the pocket on the same side as the name tag?

4 pins

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