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What is the purpose of the chain of command?

To establish clear lines of communication for conducting business and activities.


Department activities include, but are not limited to, the following.

* Clarification of policies and procedures.
* Work assignments
* Requests for information within the organization
* Requests of information outside the organization that may pertain to normal work duties.


Specifics of department activities may include, but are not limited to the following.

* Requests for information pertaining to vacations, holidays, and sick leave.
* Requests for information pertaining to training activites.
* Requests for information pertaining to station assignments.
* Requests for information pertaining to payroll and workers compensation.
* Requests to meet with the Battalion Chief, District Chief, Division Chief, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief or the Fire Chief.


The employee begins the communication process with requests or discussions with...

his/her immediate supervisor.


If a response from a supervisor is unsatisfactory, or an issue must be taken to the next level, communication will be...

from the employee, through the supervisor, to the next level. If needed, the process of communication will continue from field supervisors to administrative supervisors.


Communications from the top of the organization will be accomplished...

Down the chain of command.


If in doubt about communication procedures...

contact your immediate supervisor.


The Fire Chief has an "open door" policy for those employees desiring a conference regarding personal matters. This request will be made...

through the proper chain of command.


Communications at emergency scenes will be conducted as per...

The incident command system. Orders given at a scene will be carried out without delay.


If a member is given an order and encounters another officer prior to carrying out the original order...

he or she will advise of the prior order. Any change in assignment will require direct notification from the 2nd officer to the officer who provided the initial order.


Situations regarding specific safety issues...

will be brought to the attention of the Company Officer, Incident Commander, or Safety Officer immediately.

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