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What is a customer?

Formally defined as "one who buys goods or services" and informally "any person with whom one has dealings"
As a policy matter, BSO uses the definition to include any person who receives our services and anyone with whom our members have dealings.


Examples of our customers

* The actual service recipient
* Anyone who knows or is closely related to the service recipient. (family, friends, neighbors, pets)
* People we encounter, directly or indirectly during our workday. (members of agencies we do business with, people who visit our workplace, who see us during our workday, or who we pass along the roadway)
* Internal Customers, are customers within our agency, people we communicate with, and work with as we deliver excellence.


Every interaction with our customers is an opportunity to...

solve their problem, provide information, or assist as needed.


The goal of our customer interactions.

Leave each person with an impression that they were served with the highest level of quality.


Our mission and number one priority.

Deliver the best customer service possible.


Customer service

The ability of an organization to consistently give their customers what they want.


Exceptional customer service is the result of...

an explicit, long term, planned out, and refined organizational approach to service delivery. It requires a personal commitment as well as organizational support and leadership.


Added Value

occurs anytime we go beyond our standard quick, effective and positive customer-centered service. It requires a little extra effort, but leaves our customers with the feeling that we truly care. Provide added value service whenever the opportunity arises.


Exceptional customer service and added value service are the result of...

A refined system where members of BSOFR are empowered to operate between the lines to provide caring service with both quality and value.



The organization delegates official authority and trusts its members with the power to provide customer service to the level of their abilities and imagination.


What criteria must be met for a member to be empowered to perform exceptional added value customer service?

* Is it the right thing for the customer?
* Is it the right thing for the department?
* Is it legal and ethical?
* Is it safe?
* Is it on your organizational level?
* Is it something you are willing to be accountable for?
* Is it consistent with our department's values and policies?


What are the benefits of providing exceptional customer service with added value?

* Builds positive relationships and trust within our department
* Builds positive relationships and trust in our communities
* Secures and maintains adequate resources and benefits
* Positive job satisfaction
* Enables the department to be competitive
* Decreases liability and negative exposure
* It saves lives and property
* It is the right thing to do.


Customer service and technical skills are ____

The foundation of the department. Equal value is placed on both of these skills.


What are the expectations of BSOFR?

Respond quickly and skillfully with a positive attitude to every customer need, and behave in a way that shows that every part of the system operates like the customer's situation is an urgent event from the time we become aware until resolution.


What are the guidelines designed to create a positive public impression?

* Follow standard operating guidelines, mission statements and organizational values.
* Be professional
* Give the customer your undivided attention
* Whenever possible, take time to educate the customer about what we do.


What actions will positively influence our extended customers? (Family members, friends, law enforcement, and bystanders)

* Driving in a courteous manner
* Describing situations when appropriate to do so.
* Explain actions
* Determine needs
* Provide services necessary to assist customers in reconnecting their lives.
* Prior to leaving a scene, members ensure all customer service opportunities are met.


How can we consistently create a positive impression, feeling, perception, and memory wherever we are and with whomever we encounter?

Attempting to execute a standard problem solving approach to every incident.


We are only limited by what to creatively problem solve?

imaginations and ability.


Basic organizations behavior must be?

focused on the customer


What are Managers responsibilities?

Take responsibility, expand authority in others, and create an environment for positive things to happen.


Good leadership is ____, Good customer service is ____.

invisible to the customer,
enormously obvious


Why is the importance and impact of internal support, resources and relationships enormous?

Support personnel allow our organization to operate efficiently, and effectively to fulfill our mission.


How does recognition play a role in our agencies ability to provide exceptional emergency services?

Awards and rewards: help motivate an individual or team to perform a task, complete a goal, excel in job performance, and perform outstanding and exceptional customer service.

Recognition: does not have to be extravagant to be effective. Recognition gives a sense of pride to individuals in being a part of a quality organization.

Positive reinforcement: Helps people feel appreciated and valued. Positive feedback sends the message that the service provided is important.


What is the departments most valuable resource?

The membership.

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