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Resultant force is?

The overall or combination of forces on an object.


If there is no overall force on an object?

The object stays at the same velocity.


If the force on an object is greater against motion than with the motion then..

The object decelerates.


In a diagram of arrows coming off an object showing forces, to find the resultant force you:

- add up all the arrows tip to tail.
- draw line from object to where the end of the lines are.
- measure the distance and that’s the vector of the force.


Moment =

Force x distance (perpendicular to the force)


What are the units of moment?

Nm (newton metres)

And clockwise or anticlockwise.


If a small cog is driving a larger one it has:

- less speed
- more moment.


If a larger cog is driving a smaller one it has:

- more speed
- less moment.


Why use pedals?

As you can give the cog more moment by using teh pedal to increase the distance, so force x distance, the more distance the more moment.