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What are the two behavioural characteristics of OCD?

Compulsions and avoidance


What are compulsions?

Actions that are carried out repeatedly E.g. hand washing, the same behaviour is repeated in a ritualistic way to reduce anxiety


What is avoidance?

The OCD is managed by avoiding situations that trigger anxiety, e.g. sufferers who wash repeatedly may avoid coming into contact with germs


What are the two emotional characteristics of OCD?

Anxiety/distress and guilt/disgust


Explain anxiety and distress

Obsessive thoughts are unpleasant and frightening and the anxiety that goes with these can be overwhelming


Explain guilt and disgust

This is Irrational guilt, for example over a minor moral issues or disgust which is directed towards oneself or something external like dirt


What are the two cognitive characteristics of OCD?

Obsessive thoughts and insight into excessive anxiety


Explain obsessive thoughts

About 90% of OCD sufferers have obsessive thoughts such as recurring and intrusive thoughts about being contaminated by dirt or germs


Explain what insight into excessive anxiety is

This is awareness that thoughts and behaviour are irrational, sufferers experience catastrophic thoughts and are over aware of their obsession