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What are the different sources to identify interpretive problems?

  1. Commentaries
  2. Monographs on the:
    • passage
    • book
    • theme
  3. Recent Journal Articles


What are some Common Indicators of Interpretive Problems?

  1. Nontrivial differences among the major translations of a text
  2. A passage of Scripture that seems to disagree with something the author has said elsewhere
  3. An apparent disagreement between the author and what other inspired authors have said about the same topic
  4. A single text that has spawned multiple, complex debate
  5. A text whose meaning is hardly debated today but whose background indicates a diverse history of interpretation
  6. Places in the NT that use a quote from the OT in a way that does not seems consonant with the meaning of the verse in the original context


What are the guidelines when attempting to solve an interpretive problem?

  • Consider each step of exegesis (from textual criticism to grammatical issues) deciding which elements are most pertinent to shed light on the issue at hand.