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What are the two behavioural characteristics of depression?

Activity levels and disruption to sleep/eating behaviour


Explain activity levels

Sufferers of depression have reduced levels of energy making them lethargic, this could be so severe that the sufferer cannot get out of bed


Explain disruption to sleep and eating behaviour

Sufferers may experience reduced sleep or increased need for sleep and appetite may increase or decrease leading to weight gain or loss.


What are the two cognitive characteristics of depression?

Poor concentration and absolutist thinking


Explain poor concentration

Sufferers may find themselves unable to stick with a task as they usually would, or they might find simple decision making difficult


Explain absolute thinking

'Black and white thinking' when a situation is unfortunate it is seen as an absolute disaster


What are the two emotional characteristics of depression?

Lowered mood and anger


Explain lowered mood

More pronounced that the daily experience of feeling lethargic or sad, sufferers often themselves as worthless or empty


Explain anger

On occasion, such emotions lead to aggression or self harming behaviour