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An adaptation is

a special feature that helps an organism survive its habitat


Adaptations can be one of three types

structural, behavioural, functional


Structural adaptations are

physical features e.g. size of ears, eyes, sharp teeth, fur colour


Behavioural adaptations are

specific behaviours displayed by an organism e.g. migration, courtship dances, making pretty nests, travelling in packs


Functional adaptation are

processes that an organism completes inside their bodies to help them survive e.g. venom production


how is a cacti adapted to living in dry conditions

spines, deep extensive roots, fleshy stem, thick waxy cuticle


Why does a cacti need to be adapted to living in dry conditions

to reduce water loss


What is an extremophile is

an organism (microorganism) that can live in extreme environments e.g. High temperatures, freezing temperatures, highly acidic or alkaline


What is an extreme environment is

one that is challenging for most organisms to live in e.g. volcanic vents, moon, planets in our solar system!


The best adapted organisms are the ones that can

SURVIVE, reproduce and pass on favourable alleles!