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What are the components of the Rudder System Enhancement Program?

Separate input rods, control valves and actuators

- One for hydraulic system A
- One for hydraulic system A
-Standby PCU is controlled by a separate input rod and control valve powered by the standby hydraulic system


When does the Rudder Pressure Reducer provide full system pressure (3000 psi) to the Rudder PCU?

-During takeoff below 1000 RA
-During approach below 700 RA
-If a difference of 45% N1 exists between engines
-If hydraulic system B pressure is lost


When would they standby hydraulic system initiate automatic operation?

Loss of Hydraulic System A or B,


Rudder pressure reducer system fails in low pressure mode
Flaps Extended
Airborne or Wheel Speed Greater than 60 knots
FLT CONTROL switch A or B Hydraulic System ON


What does the "AUTO SLAT FAIL" light mean on the -400 vs the -800?

Dual Channel failure of the Auto Slat computer

Dual Channel failure of the SMYD computer


On the -400 is there a "Speed Brake Extended" or "Speed Brake" Caution light? What does it mean?

-400 "Speed Brake "Caution Light- indicates air/ground sensor in air position, SPEED BRAKE lever aft of ARMED position and flaps extended beyond position 10

-800 "Speed Brake Extended"
Inflight- Speed Brake Lever is beyond the armed position, or trailing edge flaps extended more than flaps 10 or RA less than 10 feet

On Ground-Speed Brake Lever is in the down detent and the ground spoilers are not stowed


What are the flap load relief differences between the -800 and the -400?

The -400 does not have load relief for flaps 30.


How many Main Deck Cargo smoke detectors are on the -400? If one is triggered what will happen?

12. If any of the smoke detectors detect smoke both, of the CARGO SMOKE lights located on the captain's and first officer's instrument panels will illuminate. THERE IS NO FIRE BELL

(-800 does not have it published)


What does the -400 have for Main Deck Fire Protection instead of having a depressurization switch? How does it work?

Cabin Air Shutoff- powered by DC bus 2- Uses two valves to close the supply of ECS air from the mix manifold to the main cargo compartment. Depressurization is then achieved manually through the outflow valve


What does the Master Fire Warning light indicate on the -400?

Engine, APU, Main Gear Wheel Well, or Lower Cargo Compartments



What happens when you close the "CABIN AIR" shutoff switch on the -400?

The airflow to the main cabin is shut off and airflow only continues to the flight deck. It uses two valves to close off the supply of ECS air from the mix manifold


How many smoke detectors and discharge nozzles in the lower aft cargo? FWD?

6 detectors, 3 nozzles

4 detectors, 2 nozzles