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Name two weaknesses of definitions for abnormality

- it's a subjective judgement
- same as deviation from social norms


Explain how failure to function adequately is just the same as deviation from social norms

Can be hard to say when someone is really failing to function or just deviating from social norms - e.g. people who do extreme sports could be seen as behaving maladaptively


What is the issue with treating different behaviour as failing

Treating these behaviours as failures of adequate functioning may limit freedom


Give an example of why defining abnormality may be a subjective judgement

Someone has to judge whether a patient is distressed or distressing - some patients may say they are distressed but may not be judged as not suffering


Why is subjective judgement an issue for defining abnormality

Questionable if someone (e.g. Psychiatrist) has the right to make this judgement


Name a strength of failure to function adequately

Recognises patients perspective - acknowledges experience of the patient is important


Why is recognising the patient's perspective helpful

Captures the experience of many people who need help - also useful in assessing abnormality