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Bandura's tests and found that learning can take place without actual performance. What is this referred to as

Learning/performance distinction


Which of the following statements is false

Adults are not negatively affected by viewing are playing violent media


What is the correct sequence of the four elements of observational learning

Attention, memory, imitation, desire,


Lateesha war wanted to help her father prepare breakfast. She had watched him crack eggs into a bowl many times, paying careful attention to how he did it. But when she did her own eggs, they smashed into pieces. Which of the following elements of observational learning was Lateesha's problem



Sheila almost got hit by a car and a street corner because she was too busy texting on her phone. From that day on, Sheila looks before she reaches the street corner. Her change in behavior is a result of



At home, you read all the chain on your dogs leash every time you've prepared to take him for a walk. After several episodes like this, you find that your dog comes running to the front door even when you pick up the leash to put it back in the closet. In this example, what is the condition stimulus

The sound of the leash


A child has been classically conditioned to fear a white rap. If the child is not show fear when shown a black rat, this is called

Stimulus discrimination


During the Cold winter, you have stopped taking your dog for walks.what's more, your dog has gotten used to the fact that when you accidentally rattle his leash, he isn't going for a walk, and subsequently he doesn't come running to the front door, what has occurred



Rhonda had tartar sauce with her fish one night. The next morning she was not created in sick for much of the day. The next time she was offered the chance to go out for fish, she felt queasy and the client. Her craziness at the thought of fish with tartar sauce was probably due to

A condition taste aversion


Kaitlyn works in the psychology department's rat lab. And her study she found that many of her lab rats will develop a condition to taste aversion to certain foods after as little as one trial. Kaitlyn psychology professor first to this is a classic example of

Biological preparedness


Blake fines that if he washes his car prior to going out on the town, most of his friends want to ride along with him. What Theory would best explain his willingness to always wash and clean car before going

Thorndike's law of effect


In classical conditioning, behavior typically is ______where as with operant conditioning behavior is______

Involuntary; voluntary


Where do secondary reinforcers get their power from

Classical conditioning


Positive reinforcement results in ________in the target behavior and negative reinforcement results in ______in the target here

And increase; an increase


Belinda has a terrible headache. If she take some aspirin so as to make your headache go away, this would be an example of

Negative reinforcement


Ben gets paid every two weeks. In 12 week period, he works a total of 20 hours. During another two week period, he worked a total of 50 hours. Regardless of the total number of hours he works each week, he is paid every two weeks. What a schedule of reinforcement is it being used

Fixed interval


Denise is grounded for coming home after curfew. Additionally, her parents have taken away her cell phone for a month. Losing her cell phone privileges is an example

Punishment by removal


What is the relationship between negative reinforcement and punishment

Negative reinforcement strengthens a response punishment weakens a response


Which of the following is an example of the use of extension with operant conditioning

A mother ignores her child's temper tantrum so that the behavior ultimately goes away


Studies by color and Marian Bree land found that many animals exhibit extinct of drift. What is this mean

The animal studied would learn skills through reinforcement but eventually revert to the genetically controlled patterns of behavior


Jose was lying in bed when he suddenly realized how he might deal with a fast approaching deadline at work. When his coworkers asked how he came up with this idea, he said it just came to me out of nowhere. Psychologist would refer to this as

Insight learning


Jody failed repeatedly in college algebra. Finally, she gave up and was seriously considering dropping out of college. One day, her best friend offered to personally help her if she signed up for college algebra again. But she refused. What concept might explain her reluctance

Learned helplessness


What does AMID stand for

Attention, memory, imitation, desire


Darla has noticed how some of her friends have lost weight and gotten trim by exercising 1 to 2 hours each day. However, she has no plans to imitate their behavior. What component of Bandura's model of observational learning will explain my darling has not started a similar weight-loss program

Darla is not motivated, nor does she have a desire to begin the program