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Siri said found that certain chemicals that help repair damage cells only function while we sleep what Theory best explains this

Restorative theory of sleep the


In which stage of sleep to sleep spindles occur



Joseph has had a very demanding day though his work is not physically challenging it tends to mentally drained which type of sleep will Joseph probably require more of



Your doctor has told you that your youngest son suffers from somnambulism what is another name



Gerald has difficulty falling off to sleep Harley can fall off to sleep easily often wakes up early Dale typically sleeps for 10 hours all three are tired and then rested upon rising who seems to be experiencing insomnia

All three suffer


Very young infants who suffer from sleep apnea maybe more at risk for SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome why might these Indians have difficulty breathing

The brainstem is not yet fully mature


Bill suddenly and without warning slips into R.E.M. sleep during the day he often falls to the ground and is difficult to awaken Bill may have a condition called



Calvin had a dream about his dogs in which she constantly looked for him but couldn't find him. In reality, Calvin dog had died after being hit by a car. According to Sigman Freud, his dream in which he was searching for his dog is an example of______,which the inner meaning that he misses his dog terribly is an example of_______

Manifest content; latent content


When Tommy was asked to write down her dreams of a class assignment, she is bothered by the fact that your dreams often seem to jump randomly from scene to scene with little meaning, what Theory best explains her dreams

Activation synthesis


Anthony's therapist is using hypnosis to help him we call the night he was supposedly abducted by aliens.Danny's therapist is using hypnosis to help him prepare for the pain of dental surgery because Daniel is allergic to the dentist painkillers. Patrick's therapist is using hypnosis to help me quit drinking and smoking which client has the highest chance for success



Bobby agreed to be hypnotized during a comedy routine. Well hypnotized, he stood on his chair and crowed like a rooster. Later, when his friends asked why he did this, Bob he replied that he didn't know, it must've been because he was hypnotized. What Theory best explains his behavior

Social cognitive explanation of hypnosis


Jackie has found that when she tries to quit drinking she gets a headache, has night sweats, and shakes and he probably. Such a reaction if you example of

With drawl


What is the most commonly used in abused depressant



Which drug, depending on the dosage, can be a hallucinogen, stimulant, depressant, or painkiller



Michael noticed that whenever he moved his dogs food dish, his dog would come into the kitchen and at them hungry and excited. He reasoned that because he feeds the dog using that dish, the sound of the dish has become

Conditioned response


Ever since she was scared by a dog as a young child, Angelica has been afraid of all dogs. The fact that she's afraid of not only the original dog but all types of dogs is an example of

Stimulus generalization


In Watson's experiment with little Albert, the condition stimulus was

The white rat


Which of the following would be an example of a vicarious classic conditioning

As a young child, Tony frequently observed his older sisters jump around and scream whenever any of them saw a spider, as they were very afraid of them. Subsequently, Tony experiences feelings of fear when he sees a spider


Cindy hadcheesy tacos at a local Mexican restaurant. Later she becomes terribly all in separate bouts of nausea and vomiting, what might we predict based on one condition taste aversion research

Cindy will probably get nauseated by the next time she tries to eat cheesy tacos


Risk Orla found that the CS must_______the UCS for conditioning to take place

Come at the same time as


To the dog, _____is an example of primary reinforcer, whereas______ is an example of a secondary reinforcer

Dog food; a frisbee


Edgar cannot sleep because he is terribly worried about his research paper. So Edgar decides to get out of bed and continue working on the paper. Although he stays up to nearly 3 AM, he is relieved that it is done and easily falls off to sleep. In the future, Edgar will be more likely to finish his work before going to bed so that he can avoid the worry and sleeping in is such behavior is an example of

Negative reinforcement


Joe owned a small repair shop. Each day, he would check the mail to see if any of his customers mailed in a payment for the work he had done for them. Some days, he would receive a check or two. At other times, he would have to wait days before getting another payment. What a schedule of reinforcement is evident here

Variable interval


Little Jimmy's mother was upset to find that Jimmy had not picked up his building blocks after repeatedly request to do so. The next morning, Jimmy found all of his blocks have been picked up and put in a bag on top of the refrigerator. Jimmy's mother told him that he couldn't play with his blocks for the next two days. Which type of discipline did she use

Punishment by removal


Tabitha signed up for a new credit card the office award Miles for every purchase. Tabitha plans to make as much purchases as you can so that she can accumulate enough miles to go on a trip over spring break. Such an approach is an example of

A token economy


Which of the following is the best example of applied behavior analysis

Agatha observe a child to see what purpose it disruptive classroom behavior serves and identifies a new replacement behavior. She then implement a training program for the new behavior, reinforcing often at the simplest levels and gradually removing reinforcers as the child demonstrates the behavior independently


In torments may study, the fact that the group of rats received reinforcement only after 10 of the study sold to gummy's for more quickly then did the rats who have been reinforced from that first day can be interpreted to mean that this particular rats

Had already learned amazing the first nine days


Lisa's parents have decided to take a three week trip to Europe. Consequently, Lisa's mother will not be able to make her famous pose for the upcoming big sale. When her mother encourages 350 bake the pies yourself, Lisa panics at first, but then she finds that she knows how to put the recipe together. Her ability to prepare the recipe is an example of

Latent learning


Which there is commonly her for two as the "aha!" phenomenon

Kohlers insight theory


Research by Steven Maier suggest that we learned helplessness maybe due to a higher level region of the brain known as the______, which helps subjects determine what is controlled or

Ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC)