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Who is the owner of Critical Incident Stress Management

Commanding Officer of CISM Unit


_____ is an integrated “system” of confidential
interventions which are designed to prevent and/or relieve the adverse psychological and/or physical employee reactions that so often accompany public safety and disaster response functions.

Critical Incident Stress Management Program (CISM)


CISM interventions are especially directed towards the mitigation of _____

post-traumatic stress reactions.


who is the CISM Coordinator

the Police Negotiator


CISM: During a callout ____ individuals will respond with the exception of situations involving _____ and where the _____ determines a need for additional member response.

multiple employees
CISM Coordinator


If a controversy arises from a callout request the _____ will have final deployment decision authority.

CISM Coordinator


The Communications Center shall notify the on call CISM Team Members (listed on the Communications Investigative Site) immediately of all:

a. Line of duty shootings of or by any Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) employee;
b. Death or serious injury to a JSO employee;
c. Any major incident resulting in serious injury or loss of life such as:
d. Any defrocking and/or termination of an employee of the JSO involving the Internal Affairs Unit;
e. Any other serious incident where the CISM program would be of assistance.


Employees that are arrested will receive services from the _____ not from the CISM program

correctional facility


The _____ or designee will be contacted if the on call team members cannot be reached.

CISM team coordinator


The CISM program includes, but is not limited to: (4)

1. One-on-one crisis intervention;
2. Stress Debriefings;
3. Defusings; and
4. Demobilizations.


Employees who are experiencing physical or psychological reactions from critical events or for any other reason are encouraged to contact _____ or _____ for further assistance.

their personal physician or
the Corporate Care Works Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


If CISM services cannot be provided during an employee’s regular working hours, it may be necessary to _____ with overtime compensation authorized through the respective supervisory approval process.

mandate attendance


CISM: Only an _____ or higher authority can authorize any exception to the mandatory attendance requirement.

assistant chief


Following any critical incident, an involved employee’s _____ or higher authority will determine if that employee should be temporarily reassigned or given administrative leave based on: (3)

assistant chief
a. The recommendation of CISM team members;
b. The recommendation of the employee’s supervisor;
c. Any other factors related to the critical incident.


The duration of the administrative leave granted to an employee will be determined by the appropriate _____ or higher authority.



Any member whose actions, including any use of force, result in death or serious bodily injury shall be removed from his line duty assignment until an assessment can be made of the member’s condition and the details of the incident by the appropriate _____ or higher authority.



Supervisors and managers on the scene of critical events shall cooperate and consult with the CISM team members regarding _____ and _____

affected personnel and the specific details of the event.


The responsibility for balancing the urgency of the concerned employee’s immediate needs with investigative requirements rests with the _____ at the scene.

most senior commanding officer


a supervisor or higher authority may attend these sessions only when they are _____ during the critical event.

directly involved


_____ will assist CISM team members under their command with regard to attending mandatory training and call-outs.



CISM: The _____ is responsible for coordinating and organizing each training session.

CISM Team Coordinator


Training days are mandatory, and members must be in attendance unless excused by the _____ or his designee.

CISM Team Coordinator


Training will be under the guidance of the _____, the _____, with assistance provided by the _____

Clinical Director
Police Negotiator Team Psychologist
CISM Team Coordinator.


All members of the CISM program are required to take and successfully complete an initial _____ designed by _____, which is then supplemented with quarterly training.

5 day training course
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)


CISM: The only exceptions to confidentiality are _____ and _____

a clear and present danger to self or others, and disclosure of a serious crime.


CISM: Team members who inappropriately violate confidentiality will _____ and _____

be removed from the team and
may be subject to disciplinary action.


When information concerning an employee’s mental or physical health is relevant, the supervisor (shall/shall not) request information from the CISM program or Corporate Care Works EAP representative. They will request the information from _______

shall not
the Chief of Human Resources