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Why does the electron transport chain, krebs cycle and link reaction stop in the absence of oxygen?

Oxygen is the final electron acceptor in the ETC.

Electrons 'back up' along ETC.

NADH and FADH2 are unable to become oxidised.

NAD and FAD are not regenerated.

NAD and FAD (Krebs only) needed to oxidise substrates of Krebs and link reactions.


Which reaciton is the only source of ATP in anaerobic conditions?



Can glucose cross the mitochondrial membrane?

No - glycolysis breaks it down into pyruvate, which is then transported across the membrane.


What is the equation for anaerobic respiration in plants/microorganisms.

Pyruvate + NADH --> Ethanol + CO2 + NAD


Which equation is shown below:

Pyruvate + NADH --> Ethanol + CO2 + NAD

Anaerobic respiration in plants/bacteria

Pyruvate + NADH --> Ethanol + CO2 + NAD