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power lift

lift from a squatting position with weight to be lifted close to the body


power grip

gripping with as much hand surface as possible in contact with the object being lifted


Body Mechanics Components

1. Weight of the object/need additional help?
2. Know your limitations
3. Communication
4. Proper foot position
5. Lift using your legs primarily
6. Never turn or twist
7. Do not lean/compensate--keep your back straight, even when lifting with one hand.
8. Keep weight close to your body
9. Use a stair chair on stairs whenever possible


body mechanics

the proper use of the body to facilitate lifting and moving and to prevent injury


When reaching ...

1. Keep back locked straight
2. Avoid twisting and turning
3. Avoid reaching more than 15-20 inches in front of your body
4. Avoid prolonged reaching when strenuous effort is required


Extremity lift

one rescuer grips the patient's knees while the other rescuer grips the patient's wrists after reaching under the armpits


direct ground lift

two or more rescuers squat to lift patient from the ground, curl towards their chests, and then lower the patient onto the stretcher


draw sheet method

transferring a patient from a bed to a stretcher using the sheet underneath of them


direct carry

transferring a patient from a bed to a stretcher by curling the patient towards the rescuer's chest and then lowering onto the stretcher


shock position

supine position--do not lower head or raise legs. this position allows for maximum blood flow throughout the body with minimal resistance from gravity