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Useful table: Disease, chest movement, percussion, breath sounds (on auscultation) 


Give an example of a non-respiratory condition that might cause breathlessness.(4)

  • Anaemia
  • Heart failure
  • Obesity 
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis 


A patient presents with dyspnoea. How can we explore this symptom further? (4)


A patient presents with chest pain, give some differential diagnosis for the following areas: 

  1. Pleura
  2. Mediastinal structures
  3. Chest wall


How is cardiac pain likely to present? What cardiac condition does not present in this way?

Central, dull, poorly localised, heaviness, radiates to shoulder and jaw, won't be worse breathing in

Pericarditis will present with sharp pain


How does the cough reflex work?

Stimulation: mechano/chemo receptors in airway



A patient presents with a cough, how can we explore this symptom further?


If a patient is consistently producing large volumes of yellow/green sputum when they cough, what could this be suggestive of?



Give 3 non-respiratory causes of a cough.


Differetiate between a wheeze and stridor.

  • Wheeze
    • normally on expiration
    • may only be heard with stethoscope
    • narrowing of intrathoracic (small airways) 
  • Stridor
    • normally on inspiration
      • (both if really bad) 
    • may be heard without stethoscope
    • obstruction of extrathoracic (large, upper airways) 


Why might involvement of the diaphragm and pleura in pathology cause referred pain to the shoulder?

C3-5 dermatome 


Why might someone with COPD be breathing with pursed lips?

Pursed lips- increase resistance to airflow on expiration

Pressure in thoracic cavity doesnt drop as quickly

Prolong period for gas exchange

Open small airways longer 


What might cause a shift in tracheal position?

Push: Pneumothorax, large pleural effusion

Pull: lung fibrosis 


What respiratory condition might cause dull percussion and whsat respiratory condition might cause stony-dull percussion?


What might the following sounds on clinical examination of the respiratory system suggest? 

  • Fine crackles
  • Coarse crackles
  • Pleural rub (like someone walking through snow) 

  • Fine crackles
    • pulmonary fibrosis
  • Coarse crackles
    • COPD, bronchiectasis
  • Pleural rub (like someone walking through snow) 
    • Inflammation of pleura