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L&G. Brand New Zealand is one kind of expression of '____' rather than of straightforward globalisation - the social space in which the local meets the global, with sometimes unpredictable results.



L&G. In many ways, critics are right to say that globalisation is the way in which the powerful ____ the powerless in the world; that economic globalisation equates to exploitation.



L&G. So whilst there are certainly imbalanced power relations at work, and 'the local' is constanty being pressured by 'the global', at the same time the global still ____ the local, and the local can even sometimes shape the global by reacting back on it.



L&G. McDonalds thus became the very paradigm of modern service capitalism and dumbed-down ____ ____, and many other firms followed its model, cementing a common global culture of consumption that covered not only the production of food and the venue for family occasions, but all sorts of leisure needs and even easential services.

cultural imperialism


D&D. Sociologists are first of all interested in group differences of all sorts; then they are interested in how it is that some group differences get reproduced as _____ _____.

social divisions


D&D. The force of the concept of social division is that differences are often experienced not just as interesting variations, but as ____ between people, classes, and cultures.



____ are abstract ideas that refer to the general properties of chosen aspects of social life. For example, the concept of riot does not include details about specific riots, but allows us to make some general statements about how to understand the phenomenon of riots.



_____ are propositions put forward for empirical testing.



_____ are bodies of ideas that attempt to explain in a general way why things happen as they do. Theorising involves abstracting an explanation from the particular features of a situation.