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The body of literature dealing with historical matters.

*it is argued that this is the earliest genuine historiography in world literature.


1 Kings Authors and Methods

Israel's past is presented from a prophetic and theological point of view not a political one.

Not an exhaustive history, only events that have universal redemptive qualities are included. Each event can be read as something having to do with our walk with God.


What are the books showing?

The books are tracing the consequences of sin and the benefits of obedience.


How did the editors choose the Kings?

The editors went through the list of Israel's kings carefully and systematically, with the goal of critiquing each ones faithfulness to God's covenant.


Retribution Theology

The overriding concern in the books of Kings is the theology of retribution based on the Sinai covenant, especially as expressed in Deuteronomy.


What is Salvation History?

The divine revelation of historical events recorded in Scripture to promote faith.


The authors/editors of Kings interpreted historical events from a theological perspective. World empires had been tools in God's hands to punish his people. Can we also interpret today's historical events from a theological perspective? Explain your answer. (CRITICAL QUESTION)



Describe the height of Israel's political and military power.

Only during Solomons reign did Israel become a major player in the arena of international power politics.

Israel's brief period of strength and prestige was ruined by Solomon's religious apostasy.


What was the only time the territory promised to Abraham was actually under Israeli control?

Under Solomon's reign.


Theological principles demonstrated in 1st Kings

Even with God's promise through a covenant to his people God's people must walk in faith and obedience to him in order to receive all the blessings of those promises and covenants.


A discouraged member of your congregation complains to you that their life is still a mess a year after accepting Christ. How do you use the history in Kings to respond to this person? (CRITICAL QUESTION)



Solomons Reign was a symbol of what?

The Messianic Age


What was Solomon's contribution to Israelite religion?



How many dynasties did the Northern Kingdom of Israel have?



How many dynasties did the Southern Kingdom of Judah have?

Only one; The Dynasty of King David.


What was the role of Prophets during the time of 1st Kings?

Prophets were God's instruments of warning to the King and the Nation.


What did King Ahab think of prophecy?

For King Ahab, prophecy was a form of magic in which the prophet manipulated God. The professional Prophets merely repeated the kings desire in the form of prophecy in an attempt to ensure the desired outcome.


What did King Jehoshaphat believe about Prophets?

For King Jehoshaphat, the prophet was a mouthpiece for God. The word of the prophet made the will of God known to humans, regardless of the kings desires.


What did Samuel establish in 2 Kings?

Samuel established the future role of the prophet as the messenger from God who held the king in check.


From Samuel and Saul forward, name 3 of the many Israelite kings that had their prophetic counterpart.

David and Nathan
Ahab and Elijah
Hezekiah and Isaiah


Give three details about the rise of Prophecy in 2nd Kings.

1) The function of prophecy in Israel was unique among nations of the ancient Near East.

2) Other peoples had prophets, but they were clairvoyants whose purpose was to appease or manipulate the deities.

3) Israel's prophets were messengers of God who confronted the king and the entire society with his holy word.


What was the writers purpose for the amount of materials written on Elisha?

Author wanted to write not just a survey of the events as they happened, but an explanation for the destruction of both Kingdoms.


In both books of Kings what was the single greatest cause for the failure of Israel and Judah?

The greatest single cause for failure was the policies of their Kings and their lack of obedience to the prophetic word.


In 2nd Kings what two kings are praised by the author because of their high regard for the word of God?

Hezekiah and Josiah


What was the point of the Elijah-Elisha narratives?

The Kingdom succeeded when it followed the leadership of the Prophets. Failure and destruction resulted when the kings rejected the word of God offered through the Prophets.


What was the cause of Israel's destruction?

The nation did not fall simply because it had a smaller army. Israel broke the Lord's statutes and Commandments. They "followed worthless idols and themselves became worthless." (2 kings 17:15) Ultimately it was God who was responsible for Israel's fall.


What was the future of the mixed people called the Samaritans?

They would be future enemies of Judah. The samaritans and their religion continued into New Testament times.


Two most important themes of 1st and 2nd Kings

1) The deuteronomistic history: the books of Kings that teach that personal covenant faithfulness and obedience to God is the only measure of successful living.

2) The Role of Prophecy