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Name a two strengths of drug therapies

1. They're cheap compared to psychological treatments - cost effective for NHS

2. Non-disruptive compared to psychological therapies


Explain why drug therapies are non-disruptive compared to psychological therapies

SSRI's are non-disruptive to patients lives - can simply take drugs till symptoms decline - not engage in any hard work like psychological therapies


Name a limitation of drug therapies

Drugs can have side-effects


Explain the drug therapy side effects

Drugs such as SSRI's help most people - small minority will not benefit - some patients suffer from indigestion, blurred vision etc - side effects usually temporary


Why can side effects cause issues for drug therapies

These factors reduce effectiveness - people stop taking the medication


Name a third strengths of drug therapies

- effective at tackling OCD


When are drug therapies most effective

When SSRI's are combined with a psychological treatment - usually CBT


How helpful have drug therapies proved to be in treating OCD

Typically symptoms reduce for around 70% of patients - the rest helped by alternative drugs or CBT+drugs - drugs can help most people with OCD