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Rational approach

The rational approach compares individuals in different political systems.

The rational approach views individuals as rational people who will act in their own self-interest to ensure they achieve their political goals.

The rational approach is useful for comparing members of the executive, legislative, political parties, pressure groups and voters.


Cultural approach

The cultural approach focuses on the shared ideas and belief of groups within different political systems.

The cultural approach believes that the ideas and values of groups will influence the behaviour of people within the group.

The cultural approach explains why societies behave differently to one another.


Structural approach

The structural approach compares the institutions in each political system and the processes within each institution.

The structural approach believes that different political structures, such as two political systems having a different type of constitution, will lead to different political outcomes.

The structural approach is useful for comparing constitutions, legislatures, judiciaries, executives and both parties and pressure groups.