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women are more likely to seek help for psychological problems than men

possibly because men are less willing to express vulnerability and weakness


Canadians and americans seek help for psychological problems more than anyone

however an estimated two thirds of Canadians and americans with significant mental health issues do not seek any professional help
-one problem is that is can be difficult for a person to know that they need professional help


list of signs that a person should seek mental health treatment:

1. You're having a very difficult time coping with your life
2. you have rapid dramatic mood swings
3. you feel sad most of the time
4. you worry excessively or feel anxious much of the time
5. you can't shake the impact of a traumatic experience
6. you're seriously considering suicide
7. you're using alcohol or drugs to numb emotional pain
8. you're angry much of the time
9. you have extreme fear is that interfere with your life
10. you have a negative relationship with food or eating
11.you're having a serious long term difficulty getting enough sleep


skepticism about the effectiveness of mental health treatment

also discourages ppl from seeking treatment when they need it
but when they are skilled and qualified mental health professionals provide useful services for mild to severe psychological problems


there is a negative stigma around ppl with mental disorders

mental illness needs to be seen as sickness, not a threat to anyone
50% of CDNS state they they would not want to spend time with someone who has a mental disorder
25% of CDNS state that they are afraid of ppl who have a mental disorder


top reason for not receiving needed mental health treatment tends to be

the high expense of treatment
-since healthcare plans will often only pay for psychiatric treatment, prescription medication treatments are usually the most affordable option for ppl even though there are good reasons to think that non-drug therapies would be far more helpful for ppl, especially over the long term
-there are also problems with accessing quality mental health treatment outside of urban centres


involuntary treatment

can be imposed on individuals with a mental disorder that risks their safety or the safety of others
-however, forced treatment also carries the risk that decisions will be biased against minorities and ppl with less social status and pwr


clinical psychologists

have a ph.D in clinical psychology and they are experts at diagnosing mental disorders and in provided non-drug treatments for mental disorders


counselling psychologists

may have either a masters of ph.d level training and they can provide non-drug treatments for relatively mild mental disorders and mental health problems


clinical and counselling psychologists

work in various places, like hospitals, universities, for corporations or government organizations, at schools and out of offices in mental health treatment centres or in their own private office facilities



have a medical degrees and are specialists in mental disorder treatment and diagnosis and they are qualified to prescribe medications



specialized in performing brain surgery, which is a different set of skills than psychiatry


the word therapist

is a label anyone can use, regardless of their level of expertise or their skills in treating psychological problems



meant that many ppl who were previously treated in mental hospitals found themselves struggling to integrate back into their communities


residential treatment centres

provide services to improve residents' mental health and functioning
-these facilities usually restrict the activities of ppl with mental disorders who are considered dangerous to themselves or others


community psychology

works on improving the family and social context that can make the development of mental disorders more likely to occur in individuals


empirically supported treatments

are those that have been validated as effective through rigorous scientific investigation


any treatment is often only as effective as the ..

skills possessed by one's therapist and the clients commitment to the treatment program



involves seeking mental health assistance from books or online resources
-depends on book, and person wether the book is effective


some very effective treatments are available

but there are several reasons why ppl dont seek help for serious psychological problems

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