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Wireless / cellular data network

• Your phone has an Internet connection
• Use your mobile provider network
• Take advantage of this connectivity
• Hotspot
• Turn your phone into a WiFi Router
• You may have to pay extra phone charges
• Other devices connect to your phone via WiFi

Wireless / cellular data network
• Tethering
• Anchored to your mobile device
• Connect your laptop via USB or Bluetooth
• Single connection
• May require additional services from phone provider
Wireless / cellular data network
• Airplane mode - One button turns off all radios
• Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc.
• You can re-enable individual features
without enabling cellular features
• Useful when the airplane has WiFi


Wireless networks

• Enable and disable cellular, WiFi,
and Bluetooth independently
• Airplanes, conserve battery
• iOS - Settings / Cellular
• Android - Settings / Wireless & network settings



• Short-range personal area network (PAN)
• About 10 meters
• Connect different devices
• Mouse, keyboard, headset, computer,
automobile, speakers
• Once paired, devices work together
• Connect and disconnect automatically


Bluetooth pairing process

• Enable Bluetooth on both devices
• Android and iOS: Settings / Bluetooth
• Set devices to discoverable mode
• May require key sequence on Bluetooth device
• Select discovered device
• Many devices may appear!
• Enter or confirm PIN
• Should be the same on both devices
• Test connectivity
• Devices should now communicate


Your phone is a radio

• Baseband radio processor
• A network interface for your radio
• This isn’t WiFi or Bluetooth
• Has its own firmware and memory
• Quite proprietary
• Real-time operating system
• Everything happens very quickly as needed
• The firmware can be updated
• Over the air (OTA)
• Invisible to the end user


Phone updates

• PRL updates
• Preferred Roaming List
• CDMA networks (i.e., Verizon, Sprint)
• Allows your phone to connect to the right tower
• Can be updated over the air (OTA)
• PRI updates
• Product Release Instructions
• Radio settings - ID numbers, network codes,
country codes, etc.
• Also updated over the air



• International Mobile Station Equipment Identity
• Identifies a physical mobile device
• Every phone has a different IMEI
• Can be used to allow or disallow access



• International Mobile Subscriber Identity
• Identifies the user of a mobile network
• Can be provisioned in the SIM card
• Swap the SIM to move between phones



• Turn your phone into a VPN endpoint
• Important for secure communication
• Integrated into the phone OS
• No additional software required
• May require some additional setup
• Detailed configuration settings
• May support multifactor authentication
• RSA SecureID