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What are Great Man theories of leadership centered around?

Great Man theories propose that great leaders are born with the confidence, charisma, and intelligence to be natural-born leaders.


What are trait theories of leadership focused on?

Trait theories suggest that some people have certain qualities that make them better leaders.


What are behavioral theories of leadership focused on?

Behavioral theories focus on the actions of leaders.


What three types of leaders did Kurt Lewin posit exist?

Democratic leaders, Autocratic leaders, and
Laissez-faire leaders


What are democratic leaders?

democratic leaders allow their team to provide input before making a decision


What are contingency theories of leadership based upon?

Contingency theories suggest that there is no one correct type of leadership and that some leaders focus on particular variables related to the environment.


What do situational theories of leadership suggest?

Situational theories are closely related to contingency theories, where leaders choose the best action based on the situation, the person, and the decision that needs to be made.


What are participative theories of leadership?

Participative theories propose that the ideal style is one that includes other people’s input.


What are management or transactional theories of leadership focused on?

Management or transactional theories focus on the role of supervision and group performance. These leadership theories are based on a system of rewards and punishments, and the leader influences others by what they offer in exchange.


What are relationship or transformational theories of leadership focused on?

Relationship or transformational theories focus on the connections formed between leaders and followers. They inspire and motivate others by helping the team see the higher good of the task. They are also focused on the task but want all team members to fulfill their potential.


What are 4 contemporary leadership theories expected to gain traction this decade?

Robert Greenleaf’s servant leadership, Authentic leadership, Adaptive leadership, Global leadership


What is Robert Greenleaf's servant leadership contemporary theory focused on?

Robert Greenleaf’s servant leadership, which focuses on the development and well-being of the people, where leaders share power and put the needs of others ahead of the organization (Blanchard 2010; George 2010).


What is authentic leadership? (Contemporary leadership theory)

Authentic leadership, which emphasizes the leader’s sincerity and self-awareness, is based on honesty and transparency, values input from employees, and stresses an internal moral perspective (Northouse 2019).


What is adaptive leadership? (Contemporary leadership theory)

Adaptive leadership focuses on adjusting and thriving in changing environments—it is “purposeful evolution in real time” (Cambridge Leadership Association ND).


What is global leadership? (Contemporary leadership theory)

Global leadership emphasizes the unique requirements of an organization that is based in multiple world-wide regions. It focuses on having profound self-awareness, sensitivity to cultural diversity, professional and personal presence, and the ability to think strategically globally (Rhinesmith 2010; Northouse 2019).


True or false? TD professionals should spend time determining their own leadership style and whether it is the best for the situation they find themselves in.



Which of the following is an example of Distributed Leadership:

A. A key role in the organization needs to be filled, so the CEO requests that she must oversee the hiring process and insists on making the offer personally.
B. A key role in the organization needs to be filled, so the CEO asks the VP for the business unit to lead the effort. The VP invites the COO to interview with him.
C. A key role in the organization needs to be filled, so the CEO asks the VP of the business unit to get a group together to work on the decision. The VP asks two of his team members to head up the interview process.

(From Book: "The New Leadership Literacies")

C. Distributed leadership is primarily concerned with the practice of leadership rather than specific leadership roles or responsibilities. It equates with shared, collective and extended leadership practice that builds the capacity for change and improvement.

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