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“Organizations learn only through...

...individuals who learn.”


What must leaders do in order to alter deeply engrained practices?

Change how they think.


Why must companies become "learning organizations"?

Because employees are becoming "knowledge workers".


What are the five disciplines required for an organization to become a learning organization?

personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and systems thinking


Why is "systems thinking" the fifth discipline of becoming a learning organization?

It is the fifth discipline because it integrates all other disciplines.


What is "systems thinking"?

Systems thinking entails looking beyond components to the whole.


How is "systems thinking" beneficial to leaders and organizations?

When you see the whole, you can stop reacting to events and start forming the future.


People work for more than pay - they also seek _____.

intrinsic satisfaction


What will happen if you don’t correct false beliefs?

You'll end up making mistakes


What is a knowledge worker?

Those who develop and apply knowledge


What is the discipline of "personal mastery"?

“Personal mastery” requires individuals to constantly clarify their visions, develop tolerance and take a neutral view of reality. This forms an organization’s and an individual’s spiritual cornerstone.


What is the discipline of "mental models"?

"Mental models” involves recognizing and scrutinizing your assumptions about how the world works, since these affect the actions you take.


What is the discipline of "shared vision"?

“Shared vision” requires that members of an organization share a commitment to its overall “goals, values and missions.” Promoting a common vision among staff members involves more than just a bland mission statement.


What is the discipline of "team learning"?

“Team learning” means that members of a group progress together. Amazing teams aren’t born – they must grow in unison and learn how to achieve extraordinary results. Team learning leads to more effective learning since the group’s combined intelligence is greater than the intelligence of any single individual.


What is the longer explanation of the discipline of “systems thinking”?

“Systems thinking” promotes the understanding that business and human life are systems, where single components affect the other elements of the set. Too many people focus on "snapshots of isolated parts" and, in effect, don't see the forest for the trees. Systems thinking integrates all five disciplines into an organized structure.

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