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What are the five basic skills all managers need according to the ACCEL model?

Accountability, Communication, Collaboration, Engagement, and Listening and assessing


What does the FACES approach to accountability include?

Focus, Apprenticeship, Challenge, Education and Safety


Accountability is most effective when ________?

team members find motivation within themselves to get their work done


What are some things that Managers can do to instill a culture of accountability within their teams?

Focus on organizational goals and day-to-day priorities; offer opportunities to shadow experts and learn continuously, challenge direct reports with meaningful, achievable goals, ensure everyone feels safe to succeed and fail.


What do truly gifted communicators appreciate and do well?

They appreciate the power of language and navigate the manager-as-talent-developer dynamic.


Transparency and openness can help managers do what?

Strengthen their credibility so that they can influence their team. This builds a foundation that will help them deliver targeted, actionable feedback and also communicate the organization's vision, facilitate change, and connect with their employees.


What are mindset shifts required to be able to practice genuine team collaboration?

From lecturing to listening, from controlling to influencing, and from valuing likeness to valuing differences.


What are the dual roles needed to be able to create a culture of collaboration?

Manager and coach


How is engagement often defined?

The act of motivating inspiring, and involving employees.


What should managers do to engage their direct reports?

Share important organizational information throughout the employee life cycle, not just once at the beginning and then occasionally in annual feedback sessions.


What are some ways that listening is a tool during interactions with direct reports?

Information-gathering, critical-thinking, and processing


The ability to listen as a manager is directly linked to what outcomes?

Performance, engagement, and quality of work


Being a good listener allows managers to inspire their team to do what?

Go above and beyond consistently in their work


What are the two aspects of "focus" from the FACES model that are most important?

1) Broader sense of the word: what's the org's overall mission? How does the team's work fit into that? What's the group's overall goal? How is it measured? What translates into success?

2) Prioritization: Do you know what your employees are working on every day? Do you care? Do you ask them?


How does an "apprenticeship" from the FACES model help employees learn their craft in a way that can't be replicated?

"When you as an employee can watch someone with more tenure than you do something --handle a situation, carry themselves, or even simply organize something -- that experience can be invaluable."


What are the 3 areas of "challenge" from the FACES model that describe how to effectively challenge your employees?

Make sure the challenges: are Achievable,
account for Long-term vs Short-term, and are


What does the E in the "FACES" model stand for and why is it important?

Education. "Creativity and innovation come about because your employees can apply knowledge from several different disciplines to a work-related issue. This means that education and continuous learning are critical for creating and solving the hard issues companies often face".


What does the S in the "FACES" model stand for and what does it mean?

Safety. "Managers should create a safe environment so employees can execute their jobs without fear." Three areas that can impact safety (outside of the obvious things) are early communication, positivity, and risk-taking.

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