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What is the process of stakeholder management?

  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Plan Stakeholder Management
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Control Stakeholder Engagement


What is the key output of the Identify Stakeholders process?

Stakeholder register


What is the key output of the Plan Stakeholder Management process?

Stakeholder management plan


What are the key outputs of the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process?

  • Issue log
  • Change requests
  • Updates to project management plan and project documents
  • Lessons learned (part of updates to organizational process assets)


What are the key outputs of the Control Stakeholder Engagement process?

  • Change requests
  • Work performance information
  • Updates to project management plan and project documents
  • Lessons learned (part of updates to organizational process assets)


What should the project manager do with stakeholders throughout the project?

  • Identify all of them
  • Determine their requirements
  • Determine their expectations
  • Determine their interest and influence
  • Plan how to manage them
  • Plan how to communicate with them
  • Manage their expectations, influence, and engagement
  • Communicate with them
  • Control communications and stakeholder engagement


What are stakeholder expectations?

  • Beliefs (or mental pictures of) the future
  • Some expectations will become requirements


Why is it important to identify all stakeholders as early as possible on a project?

Stakeholders discovered late in the project will likely request changes, which can lead to delays


What does stakeholder analysis involve?

Indentifying stakeholders, analyzing their impact and influence on the project, and identifying ways to manage those impacts


What information about stakeholders might be included in a stakeholder register?

  • Name and title
  • Contact information
  • Department and supervisor
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Major requirements and expectations
  • Impact and influence
  • Classifications


Why is it important to build good relationships with stakeholders?

Close relationships with stakeholders can provide an early warning system for problems on the project


Describe the different levels of stakeholder engagement.

  • Unaware
  • Resistant
  • Neutral
  • Supportive
  • Leading


What might be documented in a stakeholder management plan?

  • Existing and desired levels of engagement for stakeholders
  • Details about how stakeholders will be involved in the project
  • How and why specific project information will be distributed to stakeholders
  • Guidelines for evaluating how well the plan is meeting the needs of stakeholders and the project
  • How communication will be used to help manage stakeholder engagement and expectations


How does the stakeholder management plan differ from the communications management plan when it comes to documenting communication requirements?

  • The communications management plan emphasizes the details about the technology, methods, and models of communication - the how of communication
  • The stakeholder management plan explains the why of communications - why stakeholders need to receive certain information, and how the sharing of that information will help in stakeholder management