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Portable LCD

Liquid crystal display - Light shines through liquid crystals
• Lightweight
• Relatively low power and relatively inexpensive
• Black levels are a challenge
• Requires separate backlight
• Florescent, LED, etc. / Difficult to replace


OLED on laptops

Organic Light Emitting Diode
• Organic compound emits light when
receiving an electric current
• Thinner and lighter
• Flexible and mobile - no glass needed
• No backlight - The organic compound provides the light
• Not quite ready for laptops
• Organic materials degrade over time
• Decayed images can remain on the screen
• More costly and power hungry than LCD


Wi-Fi antennas

• Multiple antennas - WiFi main and aux and Bluetooth
• Antenna wires wrap around the laptop screen



• Built-in to the laptop
• Useful for video calls
• Not good for non-casual use
• Analog or USB microphones can help


Backlight and inverter

• LCD displays need a backlight
• Florescent lamp to LCD display to your eyes
• Some laptops have inverters
• Convert DC into AC
• Verify backlight
• Look closely
• May need to replace the LCD inverter or display
• Choose carefully



• Use a pen-like device as input
• Useful for graphical input
• Becoming more common on laptop / tablets
• Or hybrid devices



• Merge laptop and tablet input
• No keyboard required
• But often still available
• Many options for input
• Use the best one for the job