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What is gender constancy?

The notion that a person's sex is fixed and will not change


What are norms?

A shared expectation of behaviour that indicates what is culturally desirable and acceptable


What are peers?

Individuals sharing common characteristics (age, ethnicity or social class) who see themselves and are seen by others as associated together in some way


What is self-concept?

A combination of self-image and self-esteem which together produce a sense of personal identity


What does Emotionally Developed mean?

Where children don't depend much on their parents anymore


What is intellectually developed?

Where children become smarter in general


What is separation anxiety?

Where children cry if they are not used to being away from their parents


What is Piaget's Pre-operational stage of intellectual development?

Children cannot use logic or transform, combine or separate ideas.
They can represent events and objects and engage in symbolic play