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Name a strength of systematic desensitisation

Suitable for a diverse range of patients - the most appropriate treatment for all


Explain why SD may be the better therapy choice

Alternatives such as flooding and cognitive therapies aren't always well suited to patients - e.g. Having learning difficulties can make it hard to understand what's happening during flooding


Name a limitation of flooding

Less effective for some types of phobia


Why may flooding be less affective than other types of treatment

Although highly effective for simple phobias - less effective for complex phobias e.g. Social phobias


Why may flooding be more effective on smaller phobias rather than more complex ones

Maybe because social phobias have cognitive aspects - e.g. Sufferer of social phobia doesn't simply experience anxiety but thinks unpleasant thoughts about social situation - may benefit more from cognitive therapies tackling irrational thinking


Name two limitations of flooding

- less effective for some types of phobias
- traumatic for patients


Name potentially the biggest issue with flooding

Is highly traumatic for patients


Why is flooding being traumatic an issue

Problem isn't being unethical - patients are often unwilling to seeing it through to end


Why is the traumatic nature of flooding a limitation for the therapy

Ultimately means treatment isn't effective - time and money have wasted preparing patients only to have them refuse to start/complete treatment