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Name two behavioural approaches to treating phobias

Systematic desensitisation and flooding


Outline the process of counterconditioning

Phobia is leaned so that it produces fear, phobia is then paired with relaxation and this becomes the new conditioned response


What is reciprocal inhibition?

It is not possible to be afraid and relaxed at the same time, so one emotion prevents the other


What is anxiety hierarchy?

Patient and therapist design an anxiety hierarchy which is a list of fearful stimuli arranged in order of most to least frightening


Explain the process of anxiety hierarchy

Phobic is first taught relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and then work through the anxiety hierarchy, at each level the phobic is exposed to stimulus in a relaxed state, his takes place over several sessions and is successful when person can stay relaxed


What is flooding?

This involves bombarding the phobic patient with the phobic object without gradual build up


What is extinction in regard to flooding?

Without the option of avoidance behaviour, the patient quickly learns that the phobic object is harmless through the exhaustion of their fear response


What is learning phobic stimulus isn't harmful called?



What must patients give before flooding can take place?

Informed consent