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What are some common pitfalls in Application?

  1. Neglect of any context
  2. Interpreting the passage in light of the book in which it appears, but failing to understand full historical and literary contexts
  3. Correcting interpreting the passage (with historical and literary contexts) but bringing its principles to bear on modern circumstances in which they do not apply


What are some principles of application?

  1. Determine the original application intended by the passage
  2. Evaluate the level of specificity of the applications:
    1. If transferrable to other audiences, apply them in culturally appropriate ways
    2. If not transferable, identify broader cross-cultural principles that the text reflects
  3. Find appropriate applications that implement those principles


What are some questions to ask to see how the author intended for his audience to apply the meaning?

Is there:

  1. a command to obey?
  2. an example to follow or avoid?
  3. a promise to claim?
  4. a warning to heed?
  5. a teaching to act on?
  6. a truth to believe?