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What characteristics do almost all projects have?

>Clear objective - It must fulfil and satisfy the need identified
>Constraints of cost, quality and time - These are not unlimited and will be set by the project owners, giving a fixed timescale and a fixed budget with clear specifications for quality
>A team of people - They may or may not be familiar with the work to be done, and may or may not be familiar with the other members
>Little practice or rehearsal - There is very rarely more than one attempt to get the project right, and no opportunity for 'prototypes'
>Change and uncertainty - Project attributes and other influencing factors (weather? ground conditions?) will vary with time
>Uniqueness - no project is exactly the same as a previous project


What is the definition of management?

The technique, practice or science of managing or controlling; the skilful or resourceful use of materials, time etc.


What is the definition of project management?

>it is the management of entities which are unique and one-off;
>from conception to completion (including commissioning);
>usually on behalf of a 'client' organisation;
>involving the identification of the client's objectives in terms of utility, function, quality, safety, time and cost;
>requiring the integration, monitoring and control of the contributors of the project and their output, and the evaluation and selection of alternatives


Where does project management differ from other types of management?

>Business management concerns the ongoing operations of an enterprise, that is characterised by an indefinite endpoint, gradual growth and many differing teams of people.
>Facilities management concerns the development and management of buildings, offices, hospitals, schools etc.
>Crisis management is a relatively new field of management. Typically, proactive crisis management activities include forecasting potential crises and planning how to deal with them. Hopefully, organisations have time and resources to complete crisis management plan before they experience a crisis.


What are the aspects of a project that require compromise?