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How is abnormality determined?

The most obvious way to define anything as normal is within the terms of how often it is observed


What are the four definitions of abnormality?

1. Statistical infrequency
2. Deviation from social norms
3. Failure to function adequately
4. Deviation from ideal mental health


How is statistical infrequency defined?

In terms of statistics


How is statistical infrequency identified?

Behaviour that is rarely seen is abnormal


Outline the role of IQ in statistical infrequency?

IQ is normally distributed


What is the most obvious way to define things as 'normal' or 'abnormal'?

In terms of the number of times it is observed


What is seen to be 'normal' and 'abnormal'?

Behaviour that is seen often is seen to be 'normal' and behaviour that isn't seen very often is seen to be 'abnormal'


What is the average IQ?

Most people have an IQ between 85 and 115 making the average IQ 100


What percentage of people score an IQ below 70?



What is said of the 2% that have low IQ (70)?

They are statistically unusual or 'abnormal' and are diagnosed with intellectual disability disorders.


What is statistics all about?

Analysing numbers


Discuss deviation from social norms

Abnormality based on social context - Person behaves in a way that is different from expected - they may be defined as abnormal


Who decides whether behaviour is correct or not?

societies and social groups make collective judgements about correct behaviours in particular circumstances


Discuss cultural context in deviation from social norms

There are relatively few behaviours considered universally abnormal - definitions related to cultural context - includes historical differences within same society - e.g. homosexuality is abnormal in some cultures


Name one important symptom of antisocial personality disorder

Failure to conform to 'lawful and culturally normative ethical behaviour?


What is failure to conform to 'lawful and culturally normative ethical behaviour a symptom of?

An antisocial personality disorder


Why is a psychopath abnormal?

They are abnormal because they deviate from social norms or standards and generally lack empathy.


How is deviation from social norms identified?

This is when a person behaves in a way that is different from how they expected to behave by social groups


Define statistical infrequency

The idea that abnormality is defined by the number of times of behaviour is observed - the last frequent the behaviour the more abnormal


Define deviation from social norms

A persons behaviour is classified as abnormal if it violates what is expected or acceptable in a particular social group