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How many states are recognized in the world today?



How do you define international relations?

subfield of political science

study of the interactions among the various actors that participate in international politics

interdisciplinary field, e.g., history, philosophy, economics


How do you define realism?

- States exist in an anarchic international system, i.e., no authority higher than the state

- States define national interests in terms of power; the distribution of power defines the structure of the
international system

- States base policies on (interpretations) national interests


How do you define liberalism?

- Based in the belief that human nature is basically good

- Individuals cooperate as groups and states


How do you define constructivism?

- Ideas and social factors are the key structures in the state system
- These are ever-changing


What is behavioralism?

- Individuals and groups act in predictable ways
- Scientist can study this behavior to describe, explain, and predict behavior, e.g., develop hypotheses and empirically test those hypotheses


What does normative mean?

- Normative questions deal with what is moral, what should be, rather that what is