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How does a checksheet differe from a quality checklist?

  • Although a checksheet is a type of checklist, its primary purpose is to gather data
  • The quality checklist is intended to help verify a required action has taken place or item has been included


What is a cause and effect diagram?

  • A graphical tool that helps determine the possible root causes of a problem
  • It is also called a fishbone or Ishikawa diagram


What does a flowchart show?

How a process or system flows from beginning to end, how the elements interrelate, alternative paths the process can take, and how the process translates inputs into outputs


What is a Pareto chart?

A histogram that arranges the results from most frequent to least frequent to help identify which root causes are resulting in the most problems


What does a scatter diagram show?

The relationship between two variables


What is a control chart?

A specialized trend chart that documents whether a measured process is in or out of statistical control


What are control limits?

The acceptable range of variation on a control chart


What are the specification limits on a control charts?

The customer's definition of acceptable product/service characteristics and tolerances


How do we define a process as statistically out of control?

A data point falls outside the upper or lower control limit, or there are nonrandom data points


What does a process that is statistically out of control mean?

There is a lack of consistency and predictability in the process


What is the rule of seven?

Seven consecutive data points appearing on a control chart on one side of the mean


What does the rule of seven signify?

The process is out of statistical control.


What is an assignable cause/special cause variation?

A data point (or set of data points) on a control chart indicates that the measured process is out of statistical control and that the cause(s) of the event must be investigated


Define benchmarking.

Comparing your project to other projects to get ideas for improvement and to provide a benchmark for measuring quality performance


What is design of experiments?

A statistical method that allows you to experimentally change all of the important variables in a process to determine what combination will optimize overall quality.


What is statistical sampling?

Inspecting by testing only part of a population (a statistically valid sample)


Define cost-benefit analysis.

Comparing the costs of an effort to the benefits of that effort


What are some of the tools and techniques used in the Perform Quality Assurance process?

  • Plan Quality Management and Control Quality tools and techniques
  • Process analysis
  • Quality audits
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Tree diagrams
  • Process decision program charts
  • Interrelationship digraphs
  • Matrix diagrams
  • Prioritization matrices
  • Activity network diagrams


What are quality audits?

  • Structured reviews of quality policies, practices, and procedures to ensure they are efficient and effective.
  • These audits often result in lessons learned for the organization