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Name some different types of glass used in glazing systems?



How can masonry be extended?

  1. Metal connector plate (or 'wall starter system') bolted to the existing wall and metal wall ties tie in the new wall at appropriate intervals - advantageous as it is quick, easy and best used if the old brickwork is of a different size/colour to the new
  2. Tooth-in new brick work with the existing brickwork - consider colour matching (may need to try and conceal the join behind a rainwater pipe or set the new wall back from the face of the existing to provide a shadow gap)


Explain the term 'corbeling'.

A corbel is a bracket projecting from a wall to support a structure above - combining several corbels one on top of another is described as 'corbelling'


How are modern brick slips applied to walls?

Applied to surfaces in one of three ways:

  1. Bonded to a concrete panel and then pointed
  2. Mechanically clipped and then pointed
  3. Glued onto an insulated backing panel and then pointed

L-shaped slips are available for corners/returns


What different types of plaster and render are there?



What is curtain walling?

A weather-proof, non-loadbearing enclosure of windows or metal panels in a light metal framework which is fixed back to the structure of a building, usually at intermediate floor levels


What types of curtain walling system exist?



How are curtain walling systems made watertight?



What is rain screen cladding and how does it work?

A rainscreen is an exterior wall detail where the cladding is attached to the main structure with a grid of simple metal framing or vertical timber battens, allowing space for a ventilated and drained cavity behind, with provision for insulation to be attached to the substructure


How is composite metal cladding fixed to a steel frame?



What is a diaphragm wall and how does it work?



What materials are typically used for internal partitioning?

  1. Timber framed
  2. Metal framed
  3. Blockwork
  4. Brickwork