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What is the project management process?

What you need to MANAGE the work


What efforts are included in the project management process?

Includes the management efforts of: - Initiating - Planning - Executing - Monitoring and Controlling - Closing


What occurs during the initiating process group?

- Formal authorization of a project or phase - Project manager is provided with the authority and information necessary to begin the project - Stakeholders are identified and analyzed - The project vision is created


What occurs during the planning process group?

- Determine whether the project objectives, as stated in the project charter, can be achieved - Determine how the project will be accomplished


What occurs during the executing process group?

Work defined in the project management plan is completed to meet project objectives


What occurs during the monitoring and controlling process group?

- Project performance is measured against the project management plan - Variances are determined and addressed - Change requests are approved, including corrective and preventive actions and defect repair


What occurs during the closing process group?

- Acceptance of the final product of the project is obtained and documented - Lessons learned are completed - Files are indexed and archived


Which process group must be completed in a certain order?

Planning is the only process group with a set order


What does "input" mean?

"What do I need before I can..."


What does "output" mean?

"What will I have when I am done with..."