Here at the Brainscape office in New York, our team is hard at work making it easier and easier for you to study what matters most.  In the past few months, we’ve added the ”bookmarking” feature, implemented “Browse Mode”,  and have developed many new subjects on our Market, including several key AP exams.  But Brainscape is still just at 1% of our ultimate vision for the future of learning.

Below is a look at a few more things that Brainscape currently has in our pipeline for the next several months:

  • Making it easier for you to share the subjects that you’re creating and studying with your classmates

  • Enhancing our privacy options for the subjects that you create

  • Improving the design of both our website and our iOS app(s)

  • Creating an Android-friendly mobile website

  • Visualizing better stats for individual users and classes

  • Enabling the upload of pictures from your phone directly onto flashcards

  • .  . . . And many more exciting improvements

And for the BIGGEST news of all: now YOU can help accelerate Brainscape’s product development while becoming a part owner of Brainscape in the process.  That’s right.  A new SEC rule now allows startups like Brainscape to offer the “public” an opportunity to invest in our company.  This is a HUGE change to the previous status quo, where only privileged “insiders” would enjoy access to such early-stage startup investment deals.

As an investor in Brainscape, you would own a percentage of the company, you would receive exclusive updates from Brainscape’s management team, and — in the event that Brainscape ever sells to a large company or has an IPO — you could earn a very large investment return.  Of course, like any stock ownership, investing in a startup company carries significant risk, but the potential rewards are also large as well.

If you (or your friends/family) are an accredited investor and interested in participating in our current financing round (along with our great existing group of “strategic” investors), you can check out our fundraising profile on AngelList and/or just email me at  We can then meet in person or via Skype, telephone, or Google Hangout to discuss the opportunity.

Finally, please note that this opportunity is closing soon, so be sure to let us know if you are interested (via AngelList) ASAP. That way, we can be sure that there is “room” for you in this fundraising round.  Thanks in advance for considering!


Andrew Cohen
Founder & CEO