sleep infographicWe’ve given you tips to help you sleep. We’ve given you many reasons why sleep helps you learn.  And we’ve given you drugless solutions to cure your insomnia. And today you’ll read more about sleep; I came across a great infographic on sleep recently that I want to share with you. Take a look below at the infographic that Frugal Dad put together for us.

I know plenty of people who think that sleep is unimportant. Or beyond that, they feel they maximize their productivity or value by sacrificing sleep. I’ve never held that this is true. In college I pulled my fair share of all-nighters and I’ve been known to keep a late night or two—but I’ve always held that sleep is far more important than most people think, and that sacrificing it can actually be fairly costly as far as productivity, and at worst, can actually be quite dangerous.

This infographic showcases some studies on just how dangerous—and costly—sacrificing sleep can be, and it concludes with some facts on how you can try and improve your sleep quality if it’s something you struggle with. I hope you find it informative and helpful, and I hope that it persuades any stubborn night owls out there to try to get a little bit more shut eye now and then.