This saying is really old…old enough to be one of those latin phrases that’s engraved into stone: Repetitio mater studiorum est | Repetition is the mother of all learning. We love this phrase at Brainscape, and maximizing repetitions is one of the cornerstones of the science behind Brainscape. What’s really cool is that Scientists are still finding compelling research that back this truth.

Often times, old(er) people will say, “I’m too old to learn a new language. Isn’t my brain closed off to learning new things anyways?” These people are wrong; you can learn a new language at any age and new research conducted at Cambridge University has demonstrated that all you need to do is see a word 160 times in 14 minutes. What’s more, is that the scientists compared the memory traces of familiar words to the memory traces of the new word repeated 160 times in 14 minutes, and they were nearly identical!

So don’t tell yourself that you can’t learn a new language, and don’t blame it on your old brain. Because you can and science keeps finding evidence saying that your brain can too! Just remember that repetition is crucial for learning new languages (as well as anything else), and systems like Confidence Based Repetition make repetitions easier and faster.